Everything To Know About Health Related Fitness

Fitness is a term that is used very lightly these days. Health-related vigor and physically related vigor are two completely different things. This article will try to clarify all the points related to health-related robustness and strength. So if you have always wanted to know about this topic, make sure that you continue reading on.

Only A Name?

The world of health and exercise tends to use the term of “Health Related Fitness” as a principle rather than a concept. The principle is such that it will be interchangeable with terms like “Physical Robustness” and things similar to that. While all of these terms can be used in the same context, there is a difference between all of them. And while these differences may seem too subtle and vague for some to understand, you need to understand that they are indeed different.



According to the ACSM or the American College of Sports Medicine, definitions which themselves are unclear and confusing have led to the wrong usage of this term. To be fair, there is no way to quantify someone’s physical strength and measure it with a unit. The reason why this is so is because the term is used extremely loosely and is thus inconsistent with meaning. The closest thing you will get to a definition is that the components used for physical robustness can be classified into 5 major categories:

  • Cardiorespiratory strength
  • Body Composition
  • Strength of Muscles
  • Endurance of Muscles
  • Flexibility

Skill related Fitness,however, is defined in a different manner. The components related are:

  • Balance
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Power
  • Reaction Time


You now have an understanding of what “Health Related Fitness” is all about. So what is the purpose that it serves? The main objective of these components is that it helps to advise the clients regarding their own health conditions. After that, the data obtained from those tests is used to evaluate the stability of their health and how it can be improved. As you can guess, these tests serve to set up a standard which can be applied to judge the health of other applicants.


Before concluding it all, you need to bear in mind the differences between someone’s overall physical strength and his health conditions. But you need to keep in mind that overall fitness is a term that is used in the most generic form. Thus, it is subjective in nature and open to interpretation from others. Health-related robustness, however, is something that can be assessed.

So the main distinction between the two lies in the fact that Health Related Strength can be measured with respect to a set of rules and norms. The guidelines which have been set up by the ACSM help the professionals do their work and look at the state of health of their clients. As such, you can easily understand the difference between Physical Strength and Health Related Fitness with respect to everything that has been mentioned above.